wet mix macadam plant
wet mix macadam plant

Wet Mix Macadam Plant

"VINAYAK" Wet Mix Macadam Plant is an application designed product built as per M.O.S.T. specifications for achieving homogeneous mix material of WMM/C.T.A.B. / G.S.B. layer to prepare sub-base / base in road projects.

"VINAYAK" has rich experience in the field of civil construction machineries in road construction coupled with world best technology, guarantee, reliability and productivity. In addition, our stringent quality control checks and wear tests ensures higher quality for all "VINAYAK” machineries.

WMM Plant, Wet Mix Plant

wmm plant

Salient Features:

  • Available in 120/160/200/250 TPH Capacity.
  • Modern Wet Mix Technology.
  • Designed For Domestic / International Market.
  • Modular Design For Containerized Transport.
  • Portable or Stationery.
  • Easy To Operate.
  • Highly Accurate Aggregate Feeders.
  • Fully Automatic Computerised Control Panel Board with Printer.
  • Electronic Weighment System with Load Cell.
  • An Electronic Water Flow Meter with Sensor Unit.
  • A Monoblock Water Pump.


  • Vibrating Screen 1.1M3
  • Water Tank 15,000 / 20,000 Lit.Capacity
  • C.T.A.B System
  • Storage Silo with Load out Conveyor
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Cold Feeder Unit Cold Feeder Unit
Slinger Conveyor Slinger Conveyor
PugMill Mixing Unit PugMill Mixing Unit
Load Out Conveyor Load Out Conveyor
Water Tank Water Tank
Load Out Convyor Load Out Convyor
Storage Silo Storage Silo
Control System Control System
Control Cabin Control Cabin
CTAB System CTAB System
Brand New Genset Brand New Genset
Wires and Cables Wires and Cables

Global Installations

Wet Mix Plant exporters in Mozambique WMM -160 (160 TPH), Location - Mozambique
Wet Mix Plant exporters in Djibouti WMM -200 (200 TPH) , Location - Djibouti
Wet Mix Plant Installations in Oman WMM -160(160 TPH), Location - Oman
Wet Mix Plant exporters in Afghanistan DM-50 (60-90 TPH), Location - Afghanistan


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