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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine



A Contribution towards brtter safer roads VINAYAK made Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for application of hot Thermoplastic  making on roads, highways, airports and other surfaces, User friendly, Easy to operate and for application of precise an extraordinary strength and gives consistent performance and break free operation. Our machine is suitable for smal as well as big projects.

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  • Rotor Glass Bead System.
  • (Air Jacked) Operator propelled 100 kgs. Tank Capacity.
  • Chassis constructed out of Mild tubular section equpped with screed box constructed out of heat treated MS Metal.
  • Positive dispensing glass bead spraying mechanism gives minimum  waste of glass bead as it only spray glass bead where it is required.
  • All componentds like LPG burners, Torch, Valves and pipes are of High Standard available in heating industry that  makes our machine safe to operate.



  • Designed for fast and efficient Heating of thermoplastic material & application. Stainless  Steel tank of 100 kgs. Capacity provides direct heating of thermoplastic material in applicator machine & provides easy and continuous means os swaping out for application of thermoplastics on the spot.
  • Unique self-wheel lock on rear wheel allows perfect strait line.
  • Heating : LPG supply to burner for Tank, Screed Box 2 Burners and Hand Tourch.
  • Screed Box hook mechanism allows clean cut & sharp smooth strips, equipped with simple thickness adjustment system to very thickness of thermoplastic road.
  • Positive dispensign of Glass Bead Spraying of Glass Bead Spraying  Mechanism automatically activates with movement of the Machine with glass bead flow adjustment providing the operator less effort.

Thermoplastic Pre Heaters - 250kg, 500kg


Our Thermoplastic pre-Heater is chiefly utilized for heating, melting and moving thermoplastic marking paints constantly providing hot melted paints for the thermoplastic road marking machine while performing the long distance road marking task. This machine can be called as the accessory of thermoplastic road marking machine.

This equipment is prepared from finest quality of raw material and is manufactured in as per the international quality standards. It is also known as Hot Melt Kettle or Thermoplastic Pre-melted Machine or Pre-Heater Boiler.

Our qualitative machine is extensively accredited by the traders in the market as well as our clients due to their outstanding characteristics such as robustness, least maintenance cost, and easy installation and operation wherever required, high and fast performance and longer life span. Quality at affordable rate is our chief specialty


  • Has a built-in Diesel Engine to assist continuous stirring to obtain homogeneous molten thermoplastic.
  • The system is heated with the help of LPG, with a heavy duty, high pressure redial burners which are of the highest standard accessible in heating industry.
  • Oil Jacketed Thermoplastic Pre heaters, have a capacity of 500 Kg.
  • Single Unit is produced with a tremendous high standard, to tolerate nonstop workload demanded by Road Marketing Contractors.
  • It can be operated incessantly for 8-10 hours.
  • This makes a feeder vehicle to a hand propelled or automatic applicator to produce 500 sq. m. markings per day.
  • All pipes have valves and regulators that are simple in usage.
  • Hand torch is built-in for trouble-free operation.
  • Equipment is skid mounted and can be transported with the help of a mini truck.


  • Thermoplastic pre heater with 500kg Capacity, with thermal fluid heater (Oil Jacketed)
  • Vertical type mechanical agitation, has horizontal & vertical steel agitation blades
  • Water cooled 13HP. Diesel engine, attached with reduction gear box.
  • Has a heat eliminating glass wool instillation on the outer portion
  • Separate temperature gauges for heating temperature & Paint temperature.
  • 5 Nos. high pressure radial burners, hand torch, regulators, Pressure gauges, tool boxes & other standard attachments
  • Skid mounted can be transported or mounted on a mini truck, ideal for long-lasting as well as incessant agitation of paint


  • Dimension: L 1500 * W 1200 * H 1600 mm
  • Weight: Dry Weight 1100 Kg
  • Power Transmission: Reduction Gear
  • Engine: Water Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Burner: 5 Nos. High Pressure Radial Burners
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