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mobile concrete batching plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Model    ABP - 80 ABP - 120 ABP - 160
Capacity 80 TPH 120 TPH 160 TPH

Being a leading construction equipment manufacture, we profoundly understand the major spheres of the asphalt mixing plant and accordingly have developed an asphalt mixing plant that holds outstanding consistency throughout the mixing operation of the aggregates, sand, stone dust, and bitumen on standard temperature and delivers exemplary quality mixing needed for road construction and other civil construction ventures. As the asphalt is produced in batches every 40 to 50 seconds, it is also well known as batch mix asphalt plant in several industries.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer

All the components of this offered batch mix asphalt plant are evolved carefully to ascertain that every process, inclusive of feeding, heating, drying, screening and mixing executes seamlessly, wherein hot aggregates, filler and bitumen weighed and then fed into the mixer. On the completion of mixing, the asphalt is discharged for application or onto the truck. To make the entire asphalt mixing process labor free, it is integrated with SCADA/PLC based control panel that ensures completely untouched asphalt mixing operation.

The easy to move construction of this batch plant make it renowned as mobile asphalt mixing plant or portable asphalt mixing plant, engineered in various sizes and configuration to comply with a variety of requirements, ranging from 80 TPH to 160 TPH. The entire range of our batch mix asphalt plant ensures utmost level of versatility and reliability throughout the life span is a low cost solution for mixing asphalt.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Exporters & Suppliers

Salient Features

  • Batch Mix Plant with Unique Design.
  • Designed for International Market.
  • Efficient operation.
  • Accurate weighing, and stable quality
  • Siemens Make HMI with Touch Screen.
  • Modulating burner is designed for low fuel consumption, low noise and easy maintenance
  • Bag house system meeting stringent environmental regulations on emission standards
  • PLC Based Control Panel with online print out facility.


Cold Feeder Unit Cold Feeder Unit
Thermo - Drum Unit Thermo - Drum Unit
Bag House Filter Unit Bag House Filter Unit
Batching Tower Batching Tower
Pug Mill Mixer Unit Pug Mill Mixer Unit
Bitumen Storage & Heating Tank Bitumen Storage & Heating Tank
Thermic Oil Heater Thermic Oil Heater
Dryer Burner Dryer Burner
Control Cabin Control Cabin
SCADA - PLC Control System SCADA - PLC Control System
Brand New Genset Brand New Genset
Wire and Cables Wire and Cables

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