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Concrete Batching Plant

Vinayak Concrete Batching Plants have been designed for maximum efficiency and reliability for producing all types of high quality concretes, with production outputs from 45m³ / 60m³ / 75m³  per hour.

There are many concrete plants running all over the India in different climatic conditions helping to build better infrastructure, better cities and better life.  Keeping it in mind we design stable and long lasting structures, Vinayak have one of the best after-sales teams which is ready to help in minutes where possible and we use high-quality components ( Like SICOMA, Wam, Janatics, Bonfinglioli ) which are available worldwide to make sure that our customers rely on equipment they purchased and are not bind to us in solving minor service issues.

Concrete Batching / Mixing Plant Manufacturers & Exporters

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Salient Features of Concrete Batching Plant:

  • Concrete Batching Plant Available in 45m³ / 60m³ / 75m³ Per Hour Capacity.
  • Available with SICOMA Twin Shaft / Planetary Type Mixers.
  • Aggregate weigh is suspended on Four “S” type load cells, gives higher accuracy.
  • Independent weighing system for Aggregate/Cement/Water & Additive.
  • Computerized SCADA - Based PLC Control Panel with B&R Make - 7.0” HMI QVGA Colour Touch Screen TFT display with Printer.
  • Required installation time is very less, due to Modular design.
  • Available with Single Shaft / Twin Shaft / PAN / Planetary type Mixers.
  • Reliable, Fast and Accurate Electronic Weighing System for major inputs.
  • Full service, technical support and spares back-up.


  • Cement Storage Silo
  • Silo Accessories.
  • Silo Feeding System.
  • Admixture Dosing System.
  • Water Connection.
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Technical Specification of Concrete Batching Plant

Sr No. Detail CBP - 45 CBP - 60 CBP - 75
1 Concrete Theoretical Output/hour
(under ideal a. continuous operation condition)
45 cum 60 cum 75 cum
2 Aggregate Storage Bins (3 nos.)
One .In (send) Egli,Op. with Vtirator
lnline Compartment
Type-Bins. 4nos
lnline Compartment
Type-Bins. 4nos
lnline Compartment
Type-Bins. 4nos
3 Aggregate Charging Conveyor System
(In order to provide accurate Charging of the materials)
Weighing-System Equipped  with ElectroMagnetic.
S. type Load Cell.
4 nos 4 nos 4/5/nos
4 Charging Hopper YES YES YES
5 Charging Conveyor Chevron type/Deep
Bucket (optional)
Chevron type/Deep
Bucket (optional)
Chevron type/Deep
Bucket (optional)
6 Mixer Unit Twin Shaft (0.75 M3) Twin Shaft (1 M3) Twin Shaft (1.5 M3)
7 Cement/Filler Weighing System YES YES YES
   Electromagnetic 'S. type load cell 3 nos  4 nos  4 nos 
8 Cement Vibrator YES YES YES
9 Water Weighing System YES YES YES
Electromagnetic 'S. Type load cell 1 nos  1 nos  1 nos 
10 Admixer Weighing Systern YES YES YES
  Electromagnetic 'S. type Load Cell 1 nos  1 nos  1 nos 
11 Water Sprinkling/Gravity Discharge YES YES YES
12 Maximum Aggregate Size 60 MM 80 MM 80 MM
13 Cement Filling Hopper YES YES YES
  Capacity 1  cum 1  cum 1  cum
14 Cement Screw Conveyor WAM Make WAM Make WAM Make
15 Air Cornpressor 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
16 Control Systern Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC
17 Discharge Hopper YES YES YES
18 Discharge Height 4 MTR 4 MTR 4 MTR

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